Casket of Agostino (1004). Museo de Navarra, Pamplona

Casket of Agostino

The casket of Agostino Monastery is a rectangular box (23,6 x 38,4 x 23,7 cm.) with cover in the form of a truncated pyramid formed by 19 ivory plaques, all but two carved. It's a gift for the son of Almanzor, of principle to-Dak-Malik. Es season Amiri. The artist seems to be Faray. Human figures appear in the center of the medallions and small atauriques surrounding them. We present the caliph Hisham II surrounded by characters. At the top are eagles with wings explayadas, lions of gazelles and antelope. A novel approach is the representation of the Unicorn, fantastic animal considered. On one side hunting scenes unfold. On the other, is carved a couch where you see a character with two servers on each side, oriental sitting mode. The size is bulky and modeled.
In the inscriptions we read that is the work of Faray. For many years this was used as a reliquary casket in the monastery of Agostino, going after the church of Santa María la Real de Sangüesa and then the treasury of the cathedral of Pamplona. Today is exposed in the Museo de Navarra.

Epigrafía of Casket of Agostino:
“In the name of Allah, blessing of Allah prosperity, joy, hope good works, delay Hayb supreme moment for Saif al-Dawin ibn Abd al-Malik al-Mansur. God help him, of what he ordered his command under the leadership of Fatah al-Kabir Zuhayr ibn Muhammad al-Amiri, her slave. Year five to ninety-three hundred”.
“It was made by Faraj and his disciples”
Firman: “Master Faray”, “Misgan”, “Rasid”, “Jaid” and “His Abada”

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