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Are two Goyas at the Museo de Córdoba?

30/07/2009 admin 7

A parish see if together we are able to put legs to this. The news was published in the weekly “Andalusia Illustrated” at No. 58 corresponding to December 1924. This weekly was published in Cordoba and had […]

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The Aljafería; Cordoba Zaragoza

28/07/2009 admin 4

After the hard work of Talleres de Arte Contemporaneo de Zaragoza, I was left with an empty Sunday in the city. A group of friends, morning dedicated to a tour that began visiting the impressive Moorish work […]

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Circular Box

27/07/2009 Rafael Jimenez 2

Circular carved ivory box. The upper inscription begins with a prayer by the caliph Alhakén II and is similar to that found in a boat with his wife dated circa 964. Housed in the Victoria […]

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Two chambers in London

13/07/2009 Rafael Jimenez 3

Two ivory caskets exposed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. One is already covered by Jerome. Both were carved in Medina Azahara in Caliphate (possibly towards 962). Visible plant and epigraphic decoration. Also […]